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Sure boating is fun but let’s face it, getting out on the water takes some planning, expense, and, well, a boat. Not to worry. Outdoor boating adventure can be more spontaneous with a portable, easy to care for and easy to use vessel. Enter the inflatable kayak. Inflatable boats are popping up everywhere from inland lakes, rivers, and even the open ocean. Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks are our favorite at Adventuradio. Click here to see what you can do in an inflatable boat

Hard shell kayaks have come a long way as the sport has increased in popularity just over the past decade. Advanced materials, improved stability, and better overall design has made them more mainstream than ever. However, the problem of portability – and lack thereof – persists. You still need a roof rack to transport a hard shell as well as room to store a 10 foot or longer vessel in your apartment or garage. Also, hard shell kayaks still require a level of proficiency to use properly and avoid overturn mishaps.

Inflatable kayaks, on the other hand, offer all the performance but add the important features of portability, safety, and flexibility over a hard shell. Sea Eagle kayaks come in their own bags that fit into the trunk of your car and set up anytime and anywhere you get the hankering to hit the water. Weighing 25-50 pounds depending on the model, they can be transported and set up easily by one person. They break down and store just as easily. Whether paddling to your favorite fishing hole, for exercise, or relaxation on the water, you can’t beat a quality inflatable boat.

I personally like the FastTrack 385ft Performance Kayak by Sea Eagle, which comes with a molded in keel and skeg for unsurpassed stability and tracking on the water. This is a serious paddler that tracks very straight and true. For more laid back recreational paddling or fishing I recommend the Sea Eagle 330. This is a go-anywhere kayak for two with many advanced features. This boat will handle Class III rapids so I believe it is one of the best entry level inflatable kayaks on the market and a steal for under $250.

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